How Two Kansas City-Based Recording Artists Are Transforming Your Coffee + Tea Experience

Steven Cooper and Jack Cottingham aim to enrich the music scene of communities around the country – one cup at a time. How are two rappers – one coffee addict, one tea fiend – going to change the caffeine scene? “We source the highest quality products and use them to connect the public to the best talent their city has to offer”, says Cooper.

Proceeds from the sales of their products will be used to provide services to artists around the country. Buy a bag of coffee in your city, and part of that money goes right back to helping artists right there in your community. They partner with organizations that provide things like healthcare for artists, new instruments or music lessons for kids, resources for musicians to create their next album, or tour support for bands on the road. As an added bonus, their products and marketing materials are slathered with QR codes that will constantly introduce you to new artists through free downloadable content.

Not too far down the road, Gold Record Coffee + Tea plans to open a flagship music-based café in Kansas City, Missouri which will double as an event venue, local music gallery, recording studio, and equipment rental hub. And best of all, they plan to take this show on the road with new locations in developing music communities.

And the coffee? “We don't skimp out on the quality. We go all over the world in search of the most unique blends and roasts. We pay above fair-trade prices and make sure our products are directly sourced from growers”, says Cottingham. They pledge to stick to high-quality, innovative products with an edge, and create a café experience that speaks to the rockstar in all of us.

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