Meet the CEO: Steven Cooper

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Born in the Midwest, Steven Cooper was raised by his young mother. When asked about his upbringing, Cooper recalls growing up in a home surrounded by sex, drugs, violence, and addiction, which eventually left his family homeless. He coped with the depression and anger that arose as a result of bullying in school by writing song lyrics. Eventually, his talent became a bridge between him and his peers, and he recognized how music could transcend race and class barriers.

Following this dream, Cooper went on to pursue a successful music career fusing pop and hip-hop styles with aggressive delivery and exceptional lyricism. As an accomplished performer, prolific writer, and first-rate producer, Cooper has topped the iTunes top #100 charts multiple times, had his songs featured nationally and internationally on ESPN, FOX, MTV, VH1, CBS, ABC, and others, and has had music placements in ads for brands such as Google and the NFL. With over 600+ concerts under his belt, he has performed all over the globe at distinguished venues and festivals for crowds of 25 to 25,000.

While accomplishing all of this, Steven has always had an eye to the entrepreneurial skills that allowed him to flourish as a musician, and has developed his background in business and marketing. Having managed and owned businesses for most of his life, he focused his attention on founding Bigger Entertainment, which now manages a vast catalog of song master and publishing rights. Gold Record Coffee + Tea is the intersection of his passion for entrepreneurship and his desire to help revitalize local music scenes across the country – and beyond.

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