Meet the COO: Jack Cottingham

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Since his time as a child in Warrensburg, Missouri, Jack Cottingham has had a passion for music. He spent his early years enthralled with everything from Motown to rock-n-roll, and everything in between.

Cottingham and Steven Cooper bonded over their shared love of hip-hop when they met in high school. After they went their separate ways, Jack cultivated his love for music, attending an audio engineering program during college.

Shortly after college, Cottingham entered the corporate world but kept his dream of

creating music close at hand. He began his journey as an independent recording artist, using his knowledge to create and release tracks that earned him a steady following in the hip-hop scene. He experienced first-hand how difficult it can be for even educated, talented artists to become established without significant industry backing. During the process, he and Cooper came back together and partnered to establish a local recording studio.

For the past seven years, Cottingham has worked in international logistics at the corporate level, with a focus on the food industry. Here, he gained invaluable experience in the importing and exporting of goods, and a curiosity about the coffee and tea industry was sparked.

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