Our rockin' new look!

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Check out our brand spankin’ new, retail-ready, shiny new look! Our first five blends

get the star treatment with these music-centric, vinyl record-looking bags, which

include QR codes for free music downloads and info about our music programs and


The new look was a big hit at our recent event with the Midwest Music Foundation

during their Health Care Clinic and Crossroads Music Fest. These folks are doing amazing work, helping local artists secure free healthcare services through partnerships with organizations like the RockDocs, Truman Medical Centers, the Linwood YMCA, Get Your Rear in Gear Kansas City, and lots of other great groups.

In the coming weeks, look for us in our snazzy new bags on Amazon, where Prime

members can enjoy free shipping. We’re also working on solidifying partnerships

with retail chains, so you’ll be able to find our line on the shelves of your favorite

grocery store.

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