Gold Record Coffee partners with Midwest Music Foundation.

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

We’re excited to announce our partnership with the Midwest Music Foundation of

Kansas City!

These rockstars work tirelessly to uplift our music community, fostering musicians’

health through wellness services and health care grants.

Not only do these folks help local musicians in their times of need, they also strive to

advance artists’ careers through providing performance and educational

opportunities. Check out their website for a list of upcoming events and support

their mission!

We can’t wait to join them on November 1 st and 2 nd for their annual Apocalypse

Meow festival – two days filled with music from local artists to benefit MMF’s Abby’s

Fund for Musician’s Health Care. WE’LL be on-site to fuel our coffee-lovin’ fans!

You’ll be able to sample our different roasts and buy bags on-site, with proceeds

benefiting MMF and Abby’s Fund. In addition, musicians can sign up for

appointments with the RockDocs for November 2nd, when they’ll be offering free

clinical services including flu shots, screenings, and consults.

Please check out Midwest Music Foundation’s website to get an idea of the truly

incredible work they’re doing for our music community here in Kansas City.

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