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Where music and

coffee meet.




 Our Coffee 

We only serve 100% Arabica beans that are directly sourced from the growers at above fair-trade pricing. All of our coffees are clean, chemical free, and grown in high elevated areas of the world

 Did you know? 

*For origin information please refer to the product listing.

  • 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed each year.

  • 80% of households worldwide consume coffee or tea.

  • Music consumption and creation are at an all-time high.

  • Music and art programs continue to lack in funding.

  • Gold Record Coffee + Tea was founded by two musicians with a common goal to transform local music + arts communities.


 Music School 


 Coffee Shop 



Our coffee + tea model supports local and independent music development for all ages.


A portion of profits from our coffee shops, as well as online coffee + tea sales go toward funding programs within our “Artist Cafés”. Part artist service hub, part music school, part coffee and tea shop. We are creating an experience unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Our Artist Cafes are designed to be an experience that allows the public to be engaged in the creative process. We house world class recording studios which allow artists to record, experiment, and innovate with privacy, but allow the public to watch the magic happen.


You can sip your new favorite Gold Record product while you peruse our local music gallery, watch your child take music lessons, or enjoy the curated playlist of handpicked local artists directly from your table. You can even come back at night and see our space transform into your new favorite live music venue. Growing artists have outlets to further their careers with in-house publishing, marketing, booking, and access to our brand partnerships.


Our cafés are truly a community-oriented gathering space, meant to inspire, educate, and enrich. We are truly,

where music and coffee meet.

 Artist Service 


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Tea Fields

*For origin information please refer to the product listing.

We pride ourselves on bringing tea lovers a divers line of premium loose leaf blends, cultivated from some of the world's best tea sources. Our natural teas come in a wide variety of flavors that are as unique as the artists we support.

 Our Tea 

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