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100% Arabica Beans

Above Fair-Trade Pricing

Clean And Chemical Free

Supports Youth Music Programs

Premium Loose Leaf

Directly Sourced

Natural Ingredients

Supports Youth Music Programs



Where music and

coffee meet.

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We make buying premium coffee easy by bringing you the top hits. From dark roast to decaf, these are the coffees that should be in everyones collection.






Tea doesn't have to be boring. We bring you teas that are as unique as the artists we support.

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*Actual Tea Photos

Smells Like Teen Spearmint - Final Tea P
Way Down In Kokomo - Final Tea Photo.png
Amaretto By Morning - Final Tea
Sweet Chai O' Mine - Final Tea Photo.png
Lady Marmalade - Final Tea Photo.png
Purple Hazelnut - Final Tea Photo.png
Bad Bad Maple Brown - Final Tea


We are reshaping the music landscape, one cup at a time. Every purchase you make provides resources and music programs  for musicians of all ages. Take a second and learn more about our "Artist Cafes".


"School Of Rock meets your favorite coffee company."

- Jack Cottingham (C.O.O.)

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Rice is back with a new invention! This Japanese specialty, also known as "Popcorn Tea", has a warm, full, nutty flavor. The taste is mild and combines the fresh grassy tone of green tea with the aroma of roasted rice.




Your customers deserve a premium coffee brand that also gives back to your local community.

Stirring Coffee
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Kiwi + Pear 

White Tea

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Main Stage

Breakfast Blend 

Medium Roast

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Dark Roast 

Kokomo - FB product.jpg

Way Down 

In Kokomo


Green Tea

Sweet Chai O Mine - FB product.jpg

Sweet Chai 

O' Mine


Chai Tea



"Music can change the world because it can change people."

Bono, U2